The week Dynasty premiered in 1981, Lucy Ewing's bridal shower took place on Dallas. Dallas was the most popular program on television that week. Dynasty debut at number 11.

When Lucy Ewing married Mitch Cooper the following week, Super Bowl 15 was on. Dallas was the 2nd most watched show on TV and Dynasty was the 19th most popular program.

Long before the 2YK hysteria, "back in the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth", 'Who Shot J.R?' made Dallas the "appointment TV" on a large scale.

On reflection, Patrick Duffy remarked, "What Dallas may have done is established a different kind of attitude about television. It wasn't art for art's sake, but it also wasn't blatant entertainment. It activated a fan base that went beyond just, 'I watched the cop show last night.' We became one of the weekly events on television."

Of her character on Dynasty, actress Linda Evans pointed out in 1986, "There are so many women like her, who made a choice to live with a man. That's an old-fashioned dream but it’s a part of life that should be represented."

Bo Hopkins played Linda's former on-screen lover. He made the observation at the time, "Matthew thinks the old way. He trusts people, but if you ever give him cause to distrust you've lost a friend."

On Dynasty, Jack Coleman played Steven. In hindsight, he acknowledged, "Appointment television is sort of over and certainly in the 'States'. I mean you know Dynasty, back in the days, there were 3 networks. You were watching A, B or C. And now there are about 6,000 things you can watch."

John Forsythe played Blake Carrington on Dynasty. Bo made the comment, "I like playing with John. There’s an oppositeness between us that works. He has perfect diction and I mumble....I was the son he wanted Steven to be. And Steven always came to me with his problems. Carrington and I had a father-son relationship."

In 1986, an estimated 66 million viewers were counted watching the Linda Evans' mini-series, The Last Frontier.

Creator Michael Laurence mentioned to Anna Murdoch at the time, "It’s an American view of Australia because to a large degree it's seen through the eyes of an American woman. It has a dramatic structure to please both Australian and American audiences."

"In Frontier," Linda explained, "I play a woman who has to make it in the real world, without any help from a man."

Michael maintained, "My script was 45% dialog and 55% structure and images."

He also revealed, "When she was in Sydney, I took her to dinner. Actually she was doing my numbers. She's an amateur numerologist. We both sat there in tears. It was optimistic and hopeful for me. I was getting emotional and tears were pouring down her face."

It was noted the 3-hour pilot movie, Dynasty outrated Real People and Fantasy Island to tie with the movie Terror Among Us which starred Ted Shackelford and Kim Lankford.

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