The year was 1995.

Batman Forever was the 2nd biggest blockbuster at the box office. Bill Gates' The Road Ahead was one of the best-sellers at the bookstores. On the small screen, the interview with Diana was watched by 36 million Americans.

Presented as a 'Turning Point' special, host Barbara Walters told David Letterman, "She is very nice and has the most gorgeous legs." Of the 93 shows on TV at the time, the Diana interview was the 16th most watched program of the week.

In music, the Annie Lennox' Grammy-winning song, No More 'I Love You's', hit the chart. It was a remake of the 1986 song which Lover Speaks sung. Of No More 'I Love You's', Annie observed, "Sex and love are very much bound up together and, in most instances, they have very little to do with each other. They're used as exchange rates."

Of Annie's album, Medusa, Linda Ronstadt remarked, "There are all kinds of subtexts going on that I'm sure are extremely private to her. And they're completely compelling."

Of the leather dress and Mickey Mouse ears she wore to perform at the Grammy Awards, Annie revealed, "I think Mickey Mouse is very sinister. I wore the ears and the leather dress to connect the Mickey Mouse crown, if you will, with the fetishistic dark underworld of sex and whoredom that the Grammys represent. So I used the occasion, but also said something about it."

In sport, Steffi Graf described winning the season's finale WTA Tour Championships as, "an incredible end to an unbelievable year."

She also acknowledged, "It's kind of cruel to let you play all year and then make you finish with the best-of-5 sets. It's the first time I've played a 5-setter."

Of New York City, Steffi said, "I am definitely not anonymous here. A lot of people recognize me, come up to me. There have been times when maybe I didn't like that too much, but to get that recognition (now) is really nice."

And Central Park West (CPW) went on air. Creator Darren Star enthused, "Melrose Place for me, was really about that time after college when you're trying to establish yourself and your life and your identity and become an adult. This show is about characters who are already successful in their lives, and are really part of a sophisticated New York."

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