"The alternative to violence is dialog," Marshall McLuhan believed. "We live in a world in which we have so much power...The means of destruction are so vast at our command, war becomes unthinkable so people are cool off by media and by situation which requires dialog than just self expression. Violence is a kind of self expression."
"The quest for identity - the person who is struggling to find out who am I by all sort of maladjustments, all sort of quarrels, all sort of encounters - is always a violence quest," Marshall made known. "It's a series of adventures and encounters that creates all sort of disturbance. I don't think you have to go very far in literature, for example Ovid, I suppose. Don Quixote is a great popular hero and 'Flash Gordon' and 'Superman'...'The Bionic Man', 'The Bionic Woman' - these are vicarious forms of violence in which young people are trying to discover who am I? I once asked to my granddaughter who was then 6, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' and she said instantly, 'Bionic Woman'. This is a kind of violence that permits you to discover who you are." On reflection Lee Majors remarked, "I thought ('The Six Million Dollar Man') was a great show for kids and I probably caused a lot of accidents with (children) trying to jump off barns and running around the house in slow motion."
In 2012, it was reported bionic human "has become science fact". New technolgies, it was said, had challenged humans "to think what makes us human and why we think and behave in the way we do." One analyst offered, "I totally believe that very seriously enhanced and augmented abilities are going to be available to human beings both in the general public and certainly at the military level. In terms of strength, in terms of endurance, in terms of sensory capabilities - all of these are most definitely going to be, in the coming decades, seeing some significant progress." Another added, "I think mid-century, I would be rather surprised if there wasn't a lot of implants and enhancements around." However one professor argued, "I think it is quite likely that humanity will fight back. I don't want to be enhanced at all. I'm a human, I love being a human."

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