In November 2004, Charlene Tilton, Linda Gray and Victoria Principal were among the stars on 'Dallas Reunion: The Return to Southfork'. 'Dallas', Linda reminisced, "It was a relationship show with solid relationships. They were such divine characters...The families would gather in front of the set on Friday nights to spend time with us." Victoria remembered, "We broke a lot of taboos, because we discussed in a very factual way whether someone was an alcoholic or had cancer or was gay or was adulterous. We showed a couple having good sex who were married. Hello! Whoever saw 2 married people on TV have good sex — with each other?! These were very provocative issues, but they were never done in a trashy way." Charlene had previously mentioned, "When you're young and blonde you've got 2 strikes against you right there...That's why I say I am ready for anything the 'Dallas' writers can throw at me...When ('Dallas') finally does leave the air, I’d like it to go out with a big finale like M*A*S*H did. After all, 'Dallas' has made television history too."
In 1994, Linda could be seen on the series, 'Models Inc.'. Writer and producer Charles Pratt, Jr. recounted, "We were 3 days into shooting on the pilot and they called us and said 'You're on the fall schedule'. So we thought, 'Oh my God'. Luckily we had the lead time. But it was a little hectic there trying to launch a whole new series while we were trying to wrap up the end of ('Melrose Place') but we lucked out. 'Melrose' did very well." On reflection, Charles believed, "The best way for a spin-off to work was to lay a character or a group of characters into 'Melrose' and then spin them into the new show. You tie it to your most popular character." At the time, Aaron Spelling acknowledged, "Outside of Linda Gray very few of these people have ever done anything...I think it probably won't get the young, young audience that's attracted to 'Melrose Place'. But I do think it will get another kind of audience – those who are interested in fashion and style...I think we're starting much faster than 'Melrose Place'...I guarantee you, Tuesday night I won't sleep, knowing we're on Wednesday. Wednesday night I won't sleep, knowing the ratings come Thursday."
"It's like a school in progress," Charles described the cast of 'Models Inc.'. "They're there watching the camera, learning, watching the other actors. They're learning from Linda and they're learning from the crew." Of her character, Linda revealed, "The trick was that the minute I first went before the cameras on 'Melrose Place' I knew I had to establish Hillary right that moment." Carrie-Anne Moss maintained, "The writing and the acting and the relationships between the people – that's what's going to sell this show." Charles observed, "The modeling world is so hot now." Linda insisted, "It's a whole different world now. My experience wasn't even close to comparable to whatever being a 'supermodel' is now. I had this all-American face and did swimsuit modeling on runways, and I also did commercials." Cassidy Rae convinced, "I modeled a little bit in Florida...It may seem like a big soap opera, but this stuff is very real." Aaron offered, "If we were just going to depict the trials and tribulations of modeling, I think it could get boring. We're much more into their personal lives." As Hillary, Linda made known, "Aaron and everybody else wanted her to be The Bitch, in capital letters...I said I want her to have a conscience, a heart, vulnerability...It's sort of hip, cool; a businesswoman for the '90s." Charles concluded, "They really are having a wonderful learning experience. We have fun writing it, they have fun doing it."


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