Zalman King's 'Wind on Water' went on air in October 1998. Bo Derek believed 'Wind on Water' "might redefine and modernize" prime time soaps. Set in Hawaii, 'Wind on Water' lasted 2 episodes. "The focus of the show is on young people - young people's problems, experiences," Bo explained.
"...Much of television today is as good or better than most films," Bo observed. John Derek "didn't like the show...Playing a mother of 2 adults was not his idea of the woman he was in love with...That was not the little girl he fell in love with. I'm 41, so it's definitely possible. But he just didn't see that for me."
Bo rose to stardom in the 1979 movie '10', "I did a film that certainly Blake Edwards was responsible for, not me, although I got a lot of credit for it...It was a blessing in my life, made my life an absolute fairy tale. I pretty much could do anything I wanted in the business, so, it's my fault if I didn't go to another level. But I was responsible. I took control of my own career in the business, and that makes it easier to live with now...Not that the decisions not to work were always right. But they were mine. I had to live with the consequences, good or bad. Whatever those decisions were they had to be part of the reason my relationship with John remained so good for 25 years."

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