Steffi Graf closed the door on 1995 by winning the 2nd women's tennis 5-set final match since 1901. "It's an unbelievable end to an incredible year," she described at the time. "I've definitely passed a few barriers I didn't think I could." The New York Times observed, "Just as it has been all year...after major upsets, major excuses and major controversy, there remained just one major champion in the cast...the tale of women's tennis boiled down to a case of the best, Steffi Graf, against the rest." On reflection, Steffi admitted, "I've got a kick out of playing certain players because I know they’re going to raise my level but most of the time it's just a matter of playing against myself." In September 1995, Steffi won her 18th Grand Slam championship. "This is the biggest win I've ever achieved," she said afterward. "There is nothing that even comes close to this one. There were a lot of obstacles to climb over and a lot of things that made it difficult to focus on because every time, something else was coming up. To be able to go through all of that, I just didn’t expect it...In the beginning, I wasn't ready physically and mentally. I had a tough first round, and when I won it, I felt I had overcome a huge obstacle. Once I got into the 2nd round, I relaxed a little, and in each match, I relaxed a little more and a little more."
Also in 1995 the British band, Take That, recorded their first U.S. hit, 'Back For Good'. One commentator made the observation, "...You don’t uncover choruses as fantastic as 'Back For Good' very often. It's their most famous song because it’s their best hook – when it hits, your doubts about the record slip away." Take That disbanded in February 1996 but reunited in November 2005. Gary Barlow recounted, "When the band split up, everyone was looking at me to be the next George Michael, the next Elton John. It was like pulling a rabbit out of a hat...Take That were criticised but broke down barriers and sold out worldwide and look at all the replicas of our ideas...When you get to No. 1 as a solo artist you just kind of go, 'Hoorah!'. But when you're in a band, it's different...It's so difficult to remember that we had the world in our hands." Jason Orange added, "Being a good pop band, is not just about good pop songs. It's about a good story. Our story is...pretty good." Gary acknowledged, "It's an unbelievable journey. It's a script you wouldn't believe."

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