"Each of them knows that as individuals they are not strong enough to carry the show," the producer of 'Knots Landing' pointed out. "They need each other, and the show needs them all. If they started fighting, it would be over. The big money, the good ratings, the fame – it would all vanish. The women on this show are more than simply good actors. They’re also quite bright." 

Michele Lee: "I do feel unique. I have a chance to portray such a positive role model for women in a show that portrays so many aspects of real life. Karen is a female who exemplifies goodness and morality and has never swayed from this. There aren’t too many women on TV of her strength. I think that’s because I’m you – I’m all those ladies out there. I am that viewer of 'Knots Landing.'" 

Donna Mills: "For drama, you must have someone doing bad things and making havoc on the good people...Women, I think, are especially fascinated by Abby because they somewhat identify with her. Everyone has instincts that aren’t good, brave, reverent and true. They are tempted, now and then, to do something wicked, though they usually suppress it. So they love to be a character who doesn’t have a conscience...It will never be written into the show because the viewer must not be made to feel sympathy for a character like her, but as an actress, I try to reason why she has no guilt feelings about the terrible things she does. Possibly, in her early dealings with men, she got a bad deal and just decided, 'The heck with it. I’m not going to care about any man’s feelings. I’m just going to get what I want, any way I can.' I play her with that in mind – that she’s been badly hurt, so she’s just going hellbent, without giving a thought to other people’s feelings." 

Bill Devane: "Once I do the acting it’s out of my hands...Some of my best work was played off against reaction...I want my character to be understood. I don’t care whether people like him or not. I think he’s understood now. I think we went through a period in January and February (1984) where it got very dark, illogical." 

Michelle Phillips: "People do see her as wicked, but I see her as a victim herself...She hasn’t done anything really terrible except embezzle a million dollars from her daughter...She’s a victim of this antiquated attitude that women have to be taken care of by men. She’s unprepared for the 21st century – or even the 20th century." 

"I think one reason we’ve lasted so long is that...there’s a familial connection between us," Michele Lee believed. "I really feel it because I'm a 'Knots' viewer, too." Of show business, Michelle Phillips offered, "It's best to get the singing out of the way when you're young. Touring is very, very difficult. The transition to acting wasn’t easy. I started out doing workshops. I studied with Peggy Feury and Justin Smith. Then I started working with producer Aaron Spelling. Aaron would find actors he liked and put them in everything. I did pilots, 'The Love Boat', 'Hotel', 'Matt Houston', 'Paper Dolls'. I was the mermaid in 'Fantasy Island' and did other roles..." Of 'Knots Landing', the network publicist made the point, "There has never been any one character that personified 'Knots' the way J.R. has for 'Dallas' or Alexis has for 'Dynasty.'"


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