The daytime drama, 'Search for Tomorrow' went on air in September 1951. 

Producer John Edwards made the observation in 1973, "The original concept of 'Search for Tomorrow' was a series built around a central character, JoAnne Barton. Jo was to be a young woman of fundamental goodness, compassionate, generous, concerned and always hopeful that things will turn out for the best. Looking back from the perspective of 22 years, this concept has obviously worked. Apparently the heartbreak and frustration of 2 long wars, domestic violence, economic depression and inflation, political corruption and the weakening of traditional moral institutions have failed to diminish the appeal of so idealized a character. Nevertheless, a concept is doomed if its execution is poor."

On reflection, he also made the comment, "Now, in 1973, our concentration is entirely on the future. We have tried to break new ground and will continue to do so. Our cast is talented and resourceful; as they say in sports, strong at every position. So – here’s to Tomorrow!" It was noted the 'Search for Tomorrow' ended in 1986. 

Paul Dumont recalled in 1976, "When my contract with 'Search' was ironed out, I called Ruth Warrick. I said to her, 'I'm going to be your competition!' You know, 'Search' and 'All My Children' are on at the same time. But the first thing she said was, 'Oh, darling, where? What club?’ She thought I was going to be singing in a nightclub somewhere while she was. That lady finds the time to do a hundred thousand things!" 

Ruth revealed, "Phoebe and I are quite a bit alike, sort of metamorphosed into a single person. I have a sharp tongue and I can be just as bitchy as Phoebe. I'm also a witty person who learned just how damaging words can be. The network almost fired me the first year on the show because I am a political activist. I marched for peace movements, I taught in Watts, supported Synanon and was a feminist before the women's lib movement began." 

Morgan Fairchild remembered, "Once there was an actor on 'Search' who was always getting into hassles with other actors, and especially his leading lady. I would try and tell the other actors that he was a triple Cancer and that explained his actions, and that we shouldn't blame him, but feel some compassion instead. I'm an Aquarian…and I usually get along with just about everyone."


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