'Wonder Woman' went on air between 1974 and 1979. Gloria Steinem remarked, "She was the only superhero that existed for little girls." Lynda Carter concurred, "The idealism. You take a beautiful girl and this costume and all of this hair, and, ah, you put a certain naiveté with her and a sense of right and wrong without waiver and something to believe in, for children to believe in like Santa Claus, that really is out there, that really will happen to you, in terms of those kinds of values...The realism in terms of what she believes in. It’s not just good and evil. It’s integrity. It’s dignity and an ability to perceive people, things. It gives them something to believe in." 

"Soon after (William) Marston's death in 1947," one professor made the point, "'Wonder Woman' changed from the embodiment of revolutionary social values to a reflection of a more traditional female stereotype." It was also pointed out, "'Wonder Woman' doesn’t fly or change clothes in a telephone booth and there aren’t any circus letters on our screen that say ‘Slam’, ‘Bam’ or ‘Crash!' We’re not playing 'Wonder Woman' tongue in cheek at all. What would be more unfair than to take this bigger-than-life woman and make her a put-on...particularly now (1974) when women, with her as their symbol, are finally gaining some ground?" 

After 'Wonder Woman', Lynda could be seen with Loni Anderson in the TV series, 'Partners In Crime'. The show ran between September and December 1984. From the outset, Lynda made known, "We both said no to 'T and A'. That’s been done so much on television...I think that the appeal of the show will really be interaction between Loni and me." 

Behind the scenes, Loni shared, "We started out with a wonderful concept. Leonard Stern created the show, and we all worked hard on the concept. Two weeks into production Leonard was fired, and all his writers left with him and took the scripts. We had no scripts, but we couldn’t stop filming. We went from 'Murder, She Wrote' to 'Conquering Women of The A-Team'. It was a terrible experience...I look on that as 9 months lost from my life, except that I got to know Lynda. We would be two ladies in a kind of 'Hart To Hart' sophisticated comedy mystery. Leonard Stern was the producer and he had a good stable of writers. The scripts had a lot of charm...We were working in San Francisco, isolated from everything that was happening. We had to keep working, but we had no scripts...Lynda and I were hysterical...I learned from that experience." 

In defense, Brandon Tartikoff explained at the time, "We brought in a new everything. We brought in a new director. We stopped shooting after the first week. We brought in a new executive producer and we are bringing in a new line producer to get a better look." 

Up against 'The Love Boat' and 'Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer' on Saturday nights, Brandon reasoned, "It really is a show that I believe is being perceived by the advertising community – and a lot of the comments I saw about our fall schedule – as the one show that people expect to be a winner. We're going to do everything in our power as a network to make sure that this will be a quality production."


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