"In the (North American) winter of 1972, temperatures were below normal for the entire year over the entire (Canada). This never happened before. The earliest serious records start in 1840, so for 130 years (to 1970) there hasn’t been anything like it. I don’t know what caused this but the climate has in fact shifted into a more extreme phase," one climatologist made the observation in 1974. 

"The evidence is now abundantly clear that the climate of the earth is changing, and is changing in a direction that is not promising in terms of our ability to feed the world," another climatologist voiced. At the time there were concerns the climate changes would push the subtropical deserts of North Africa and Asia southward toward the equator and to suppress the monsoons that supplied much needed water for agriculture. 

It was said land animals including man were the descendants of organisms that had originated and lived in the sea. Like the earth, the human body was said made up of a quarter salt water. Salt built up most in the skin. Muscle comprised 75% water; the liver 70%; the brain 79% and the kidney 83%. 

"At the beginning of (the 20th) century temperatures were rising rapidly. The dome of cool air which covers the polar regions was contracting, and by 1940 had reached rather small size, and more of the earth was dominated by warm tropical and subtropical conditions," it was made known. 

By May 1990, one scientist stated, "January, February and April were all warmer than usual (in the northern hemisphere), but there have been other Januaries, other Februaries and other Aprils that were even warmer. But March was just startling. There is no record of a March as warm as this March. It was almost a degree and a half, Fahrenheit, warmer than its average. That is the largest anomaly on record for a single month."

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