As a storyteller, Earl Hamner described "'Falcon Crest' is like a book with different chapters, with satisfying experiences within each chapter." He insisted, "I never intended 'Falcon Crest' to be seamy, nor has it been. We do human drama that seems to please big audiences because of legitimate conflicts: traditional family versus fractured family, power versus weak, wealth versus poor. A lot of 'Dallas' comes right from the groin. I've always written from the heart."

David Selby observed, "I can tell you that writing plays is a wonderful learning process for an actor. It makes you understand why playwrights so jealously protect their words and why they get upset when actors change lines."

Lorenzo Lamas recalled, "I was simply a rotten s.o.b., with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. And for the first 7 episodes, I mainly stayed that way. But I kept talking to Earl and we agreed that Lance could not only be pure louse. So my character gradually took on more dimension – I changed, I somehow developed a heart."

William R. Moses remarked, "Cole and I are a lot alike in that we were raised well, imbued with strong values and morals. We know right from wrong and are both basically easy-going people."

Laura Johnson remembered, "I've always played doctors and lawyers – upscale people. Now I’m playing a former call girl. When you play someone like her, you want to give her a lot of dimension, otherwise she would be too arch."

Simon MacCorkindale expressed, "It’s staggering the popularity an actor finds through working on soap opera. But it’s a type of popularity which can be hard to handle…Because you’re on TV you’re regarded as public property...I know many actors who can take that in their stride...But my fundamentally British character makes that impossible." For the first 2 seasons of 'Falcon Crest', William was credited as Billy R. Moses because Earl believed "William Moses sounds more like a producer than an actor." William confessed, "There have been times when I have felt like a planet revolving around the sun, waiting for the revolution to come around again so that I could be in the spotlight." 

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