2013 marked the 130th anniversary of Standard Time in North America. 

"At noon on November 18 1883, fifty different standards of time resolved themselves into 4," it was said. Standard time was thought up by Sandford Fleming who first suggested the idea in 1878. By 1884 the International Standard Time was adopted. 

"By his conception of zoning the world into time belts, Sir Sandford attained that degree of exactitude for which man had struggled unsuccessfully throughout the ages," it was mentioned. Standard Time worked out by dividing the world into 24 time zones with each time zone separated by one hour. 

Following the natural movements of the sun, the hour would either go forward moving east or go back moving west. Greenwich in England would be placed at the center. Of the 24 meridians, 5 were adopted for the United States : Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones. Before 1883, there were said 87 diferent time zones on the North American continent.

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