Jane Wyman guest starred in an episode of 'Charlie's Angels' shown in November 1980. "Jaclyn Smith," Jane observed at the time, "is such a fine little actress. She reminds me of the way Loretta (Young) developed. She has that same wonderful quality." In its last season on air, producer Elaine Rich outlined, "When you're in your 5th year you try to do something you haven’t done before: Hawaii, guest stars (Jane Wyman), a new time slot (Sunday 8:00p.m. Eastern Daylight Time)." Of Jaclyn, Jane believed, "I imagine she’ll have to wait until this 'Charlie’s Angels' thing passes. That image will have to be lowered before they’ll see this marvellous actress." 

In 1981, Jane could be seen on the drama, 'Falcon Crest' told in the laid-back style of Earl Hamner. Her performance won Jane the Golden Globe Award in 1984 for Best Acting. "To portray a type you have to know the type," Jane had said. "I observe people not to copy their mannerisms but to adopt them. Grasping the basic attitude of the type is the essential point, not merely imitating the type itself. That’s my theory." 

In 1988, Jaclyn could be seen in the TV mini-series 'Windmills Of The Gods' and 'The Bourne Identity'. Of 'The Bourne Identity', Jaclyn recalled, "It’s the most unusual piece I’ve ever done. In most projects I’m in every scene and I have a lot to say. In this, I was often on screen, but just as a presence. That was more difficult. The woman I play is very unlike me. She’s very free-spirited, and I found it difficult to relate to her at first. But I wouldn’t have done back-to-back mini series unless this was compelling."

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