"You have told the leaders and the people of 7 friendly nations that America is still 'the daughter of Europe' and that we intend to continue doing our share as we pursue our common destiny," Lyndon Baines Johnson told Hubert H. Humphrey in 1967 following his tour of Europe. "Neither the New World of America, nor the Old World of Europe, can hope to fulfil its dreams and ambitions until the Ancient World of Asia has become a full and equal partner in the forward movement of man." 

It was explained, "Europe was Old because America was New, but the name stuck because Europe and Europeans have always had trouble with the New, trouble with change." On Columbus Day in 1976, Gerald Ford made the comment, "The people of the Old World still look to the New World as the champion of human rights. America has been their hope and their help and we will never let them down." 

At the World Food Conference held in Rome in 1974, it was made known, "We do not believe that either the 'old rich' of the industrialized world or the 'new rich' within OPEC (the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) could live in peace and self-respect in a planet moving towards recurrent famine. Nor could they survive the rising violence of disorganization, disease and despair." At the time, Henry Kissinger warned, "We are convinced that the world faces a challenge new in its severity, its pervasiveness and its global dimensions. Our minimum objective of the next quarter century (until the end of the 20th century) must be to more than double food production and to improve its quality...The future of all of our citizens on this planet will be affected for good or ill by our decisions.” 

Eminent English scholar Arnold J. Toynbee philosophized in 1964, "Be patient. Don’t liquidate the human race. Put up with your troubles, restrain yourselves. Think above all, that if you don’t liquidate the world now, there are 2000 million years still to go; 77 million generations are waiting to be born; that’s a big responsibility...Don’t feel that your opponent must be the devil. Don’t think you are always on the side of the angels." One botanist was heard musing, "Formerly, everybody pointed to Mesopotamia as the Cradle of Civilization, that region in the Mediterranean stretching from Turkey to Iran, Iraq, Palestine and Syria. But apparently at the same time that area was developing, we had Cradle of Civilization, so to speak, developing in South America as well..."


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