The word "mediums" was said to mean "a 'middleman' between this world and the other". Back in 1998, author James Van Praagh told Chris Kaltenbach of the Baltimore Sun, "Everyone is psychic to some degree or another. We all have some psychic intuition…It's really learning to tune into that energy inside yourself and learning to trust. Everyone is psychic, but not everyone is mediumistic." James elaborated, "A psychic tunes into the energy around a person, around yourself. He feels things around that person or feels intuitively what's going to happen around that person. A medium goes into a higher level of energy, a higher frequency of energy, where the spirit people live...Medium means in between the spirit world and the physical world. I think mediums are born and they can develop their medium-ship talents." 

In 1980, respected news anchorwoman Joan Dinersteen told Chris Roberts from the Associated Press when she was 4 (back in 1946), "My mother would put me to bed, sweetly whisper good night and go downstairs. But I didn't want to go to bed. There were toys I wanted to be with, things I wanted to do. So the real me would lift out of the other me, float over the bed to the other side of the room where my doll cabinet was and I would play." Then one night, "My mother came up with the steps to check on me sooner than I expected. The astral part of me froze. The door opened very slowly. And I remember watching her face in the very dim light. Watching her look around the room. And I realized that when she looked at me, she looked past me, she didn't see me. And I followed her eyes to the bed. She saw the physical me lying there. And so did I." 

Light in the spirit world, the lawyer E.C. Randall recounted in 1923, according to messages he heard from Dr. David Hosack, "The light we have is obtained from the action of minds on our ethereal atmosphere. We think light and there is light. That is why people who come over in evil condition are in the dark; their minds are not competent to produce light enough for them to see. There is greater intensity of light as we go up through the spheres, which comes from the blending of the more spiritual minds. Our life is merely the condition of mind, which each one has. We create images in thought and have the reality before us, just as tangible as your houses and buildings are to you. You do not have any conception of the great power and force there is, or maybe, in thought. It dominates all conditions and makes us what we are. One who realizes this may control his destiny. Thought is a fluid, which becomes substance to us when once it is formed into an expression. It is a vibrating, living thing, and should be recognized as such and controlled accordingly." 

Joan also mentioned of another incident, "It was wintertime in Philadelphia and I woke up in my dream and I was on a beach. It was nighttime and I remember the marvelous feeling of the warm dampness. I was sitting in the sand at the edge of the water, wearing a long white dress, and I started to walk, attracted by the sounds of faint music and voices. There was a beach house ahead, and as I neared it a young couple walked out on the back porch. There was a party going on inside. There was something familiar about the man. Then I realized it was my friend, Richie. His face showed he recognized me. I raised my hand to wave at him, and then, bang, I woke up." 

Joan said her phone rang the next morning, "It was Richie, calling from Miami. He was frantic, upset. He's screaming through the phone, 'What are you doing?'. He said last night he was at a party, with friends, at the beach. And it was smoky and noisy, and the girl he was with said, 'Let’s walk out on the porch and get some air'. He said, 'We walk out and we see this lady in a white dress. She's walking up from the water. And she begins to look like you. And I realize it is you. And you wave, and you disappear'. He said, 'What are you doing? What's going on? So I told him." 

Carl Hewitt was a hairdresser by trade (Hewitt's Hair Salon) but outside trading hours, Carl taught others about messages from the spiritual plane at the Gifts of the Spirit Church and Psychic Research Center. He told Karen Clarke in 1982, "I don't believe in preachers – I believe in teachers." Karen observed, "Hewitt believes evidence and proof of spiritual existence will enlighten the average person, adding, 'The information has to be spoon-fed'. There is too much information for one person to absorb all of it. Hewitt said his 'link' to the spirit world is an Indian spirit, Lone Eagle, who, since Hewitt's childhood, has been his 'familiar' – his link with Etheria who provides him with information of future events." Carl insisted, "I'm just a human being. I'm a channel for the spirit – and that's all there is to it." He also made the point, "I can open the door and show you the path to the garden but I can't go down to the garden with you and see the beauty." 

E.C. Randall recalled of another message explaining to him, "One can not prove to a child that steam, that pretty, fascinating substance, is harmful until the finger is burned; neither can one instill the truth into an older mind until it is not only opened but has the capacity to comprehend. That all is material in different states of vibration is easily grasped by the thinker. It is impossible to prove by your laws to actually demonstrate the existence of matter in the higher vibrations in which we live so that men may comprehend. When you deal with matter in the physical you apply physical laws. When you deal in matter spiritual, you apply spiritual laws, practically unknown among men. The best possible evidence is the vision of the clairvoyant together with deductive reasoning which, as we have said, is really the highest order of proof." 

Of that explanation, E.C. Randall made the comment, "It is difficult to explain to you who know so little of matter the location and boundaries of the various planes where we live. First, let me impress upon you the fact that energy, that is, life, can not express itself except in substance. The idea that spirit people function without substance and that they and the plane they live on are unsubstantial, is preposterous and illogical. The gases that compose water, taken separately, are as substantial as when united. Why should it be thought impossible since matter was created, for nature to create other material than physical, to create spirit material? There are millions of worlds inhabited by human being in that space you call the sky. Don't for a moment think that God made the universe for you alone. This spirit world is in reality just as much a part of your planet as the Earth and rocks you tread upon. Around and about your globe, and forming a part of it, are separate, material, concentric belts or zones, varying in width and vibratory action, and therefore in density, into which all makind and all planetary life passes, on the happening of that event you call death." 

Dr. David Hosack was said told E.C. Randall, "Your Earth has belts, but they exist in a cruder condition than those of Jupiter or Saturn. The belts or zones that lie around your Earth are designed for the habitation of spirits out of the body; and as they outgrow the passions of Earth and become more refined, they pass to another or higher zone. I have discovered, while living here, that there are several magnetic belts encircling your Earth, similar in general appearance to the belts that surround the planet Jupiter, and beyond those zones there exists, outside Earth's spirit sphere, a vast spirit world traversing the innermost heart of space."

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