Aristotle Socrates Onassis lost his citizenship living in Smyrna (present day Izmir in Turkey) following the Greco-Turkish war of 1920-22. As a stateless person, at 16 years of age, the Greek-born Ari sought refuge in Argentina and eventually took up citizenship in 1923. With $60 his father gave him, Ari worked selling tobacco on commission and eventually made enough to buy 6 small ships for $120,000. By 1931, when Ari was 25 years old, he had amassed the largest private shipping fleet, bigger than most of the world's navies. There were 37 known supertankers reported in 1977. Ari specialized in shipping oil around the world to countries which were importing. 

Ari could speak English, French, Turkish, Italian and Spanish besides his native Greek. "I learned the basics in high school and picked up the rest talking to people," Ari had said. He had homes in at least 5 countries (New York City, London, Paris, Montevideo (in Uruguay) and Buenos Aires) and offices in 6 countries (including Monte Carlo). His motto was said to be "never pay taxes, never invest your own money, always borrow it from someone else." Ari also acknowledged, "The first $5000 is always the hardest to make." When he died in 1975, it was estimated Ari was worth over $US600 million. 

In 1968, Ari married former First Lady, Jackie Kennedy in a Greek Orthodox ceremony on his private island, Skorpios, in the Ionian Sea, south of Corfu. It was called Skorpios because the small island was "scorpion-shaped". It was hailed as the "Marriage of the (20th) Century". Jackie was among only a handful of people in the world in the 20th century "whose every action, every intention (became) the object of immense fascination." Jackie first met Ari in 1957 at a party on his famous yatch. "Every democracy needs a Queen," Max Lerner explained. "In America it is the tribute we pay to the Royalty we abandoned by our Revolution. The British, Swedes, Dutch, Japanese do it differently. They have a monarch and a democracy too. The monarchs reign without ruling, but they satisfy a deep human need for a symbol of continuity amid the wreck and change of life. Until Jackie, Americans never had a queen in the White House." 

From 1962 to 1967, Jackie Kennedy was voted the most admired woman in the world. Her marriage to Ari caused a "widespread sense of shock and disappointment" in Europe. Hariett Van Horne elaborated, "It's a marriage that suggests qualities in Mrs Kennedy's character we never dreamed were there. A cool ambition, an undue regard for power and money. To the ordinary American these are not sweet, womanly qualities." However it was pointed out in 1974, "Anyone familiar with Jackie Onassis' horoscope will be amazed with the uncanny way that it has predicted her love life. For example, Jackie's Cancer lies on the cusp of her 8th house. This indicates that she will marry a man connected with water. Her first husband, the late President Jack Kennedy, was a Patrol Torpedo boat Captain in World War II and also enjoyed sailing. And, of course, her current (in 1974) husband, Aristotle Onassis, is a super-wealthy shipping magnate. Her Sagittarian rising sign shows that she prefers foreign countries and people. Her husband, Aristotle, is Greek and Jackie is known for her jet-setting image. Finally, the planets Jupiter and Venus symbolize money. The fact that these 2 planets fall in her 7th house, the House of Partners, indicates that she will have a very wealthy husband."

In 1974, the American Astrological Association, the largest astrological society in the U.S. presented Norman P. Kennedy. Norman told readers, "Now and through the ages, a good natal horoscope analysis has meant the difference between success and failure. Did you know your horoscope could mean the difference between happiness or sorrow; between success or failure? Picture a long room with doors at each end. In this room there are money, attractive persons of the opposite sex, books that tell you the secret of happiness and many other valuable articles. But, also in this room are bottomless pits, traps, hostile persons and dangerous beasts chained in various places around the room.

"You must walk through this room, but you may take out of it anything you can. Now if you had a choice, would you choose to 1) go through the room blindfolded or 2) go through the room with your eyes open and with written instructions on which places and people to visit or avoid. Of course, all of us would pick the second choice in a case such as this. Isn't it ridiculous, then, that we would choose to go through life, the same situation, blindfolded! Even when there is a means to go through life with a map and our eyes wide open!

"The means provided is astrology. The map is our astrological horoscope. How does it work? Nature’s cosmos imprints each of us at the time of birth – when the umbilical cord is cut. We then become ourselves. Until the cord is cut, we are part of our mother. Why or how we presently (in 1974) do not know. The movement of the large solar bodies then times potentials for events in our lives. Astrology does not cause events but is timing of events. But, it's not fortune telling. It's a prediction of potentials which free will can override. A natal horoscope analysis contains the best psychological analysis of yourself that you can get today...Your horoscope can help you be in the right place at the right time. Your horoscope can help you avoid disasters, while guiding you to your beneficial opportunities.

"Did you know that astrology helped the Allies win World War II? The Allies employed astrologers. The Axis powers started out employing astrologers. But, this was ceased early when the famous astrologer, Karl Ernst Krafft, predicted the exact time and place of an attempt on Adolf Hitler's life in 1939. Hitler thought the astrologers were conspiring against him, so they were imprisoned. Hitler turned back to astrology – too late. He read his horoscope in the last moments of the war as Berlin burned around him.

"On the other hand, astrologers aided the Allies in forecasting the Axis' moves. The most famous astrologer, Louis de Wohl, employed by the British Government, predicted the exact events leading to the downfall of Benito Mussolini. He gained the faith of the American military, when he predicted Pearl Harbor a year before it happened. Your horoscope can bring you wealth. Famous business tycoon, J.P. Morgan, used astrology to acquire his fortune. Morgan did not make a financial move without checking his natal horoscope forecast."

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