Aside from designing costumes for Aaron Spelling’s shows, Nolan Miller was also the fashion consultant for the 'Dynasty Collection' of clothes, jewelry and accessories. Back in June 1985, Nolan told the Associated Press, "I probably design 70% of the women’s clothes on 'Dynasty'. There are so many women on the show it becomes very difficult. We spent $100,000 on wardrobe for the last 2 episodes." 

In the beginning, Nolan had a weekly wardrobe budget of $35,000 to design some 3,000 outfits for 'Dynasty'. "I never want to see them wearing the same outfit twice," he argued. Nolan told Holly Hanson of 'Fort Worth Star-Telegram' in 1991, "When we started (in 1981), Linda Evans did not like to wear jewelry or furs. But after about 2 years (around 1983), when we had her in a $400,000 necklace from Tiffany and a $100,000 sable coat, she said, 'What ever made me think I didn't like these things?'" 

Back in 1985, Nolan made known, "We get a script 2 days before the concept meeting. I have only 4 or 5 days before shooting to design and make the clothes. And when you're doing 15 to 20 changes a week you have to find clothes that stay within the boundaries of the characters. Each character has her own look and it's very difficult." 

Rachael Stanley was the costume supervisor on 'The Colbys' and 'Falcon Crest'. She was the costume designer on 'Sisters'. In 1994, Rachael told the 'Los Angeles Times', "Every once in awhile, one of the actresses will say to me, 'I saw this great outfit I'd like to wear,' and describe it to me. I'll say, 'It sounds great for your personal wardrobe, but I don't think it's right for the show.' Swoosie, for instance, has her own sense of style that's very California and very cute and very hip, but Alex is very East Coast, upper-class money. I have to remind her that leggings are not part of Alex's life. Every once in awhile, they all get a little adrift and I reel them in, but they never complain." 

Nolan observed, "Aaron always understood from day one the importance of wardrobe. He did a pilot called 'Burke’s Law' (in 1963) with 10 stars and I designed all the clothes, including the cowboy costume for Ronald Reagan. He played a cowboy movie star in a white outfit." In 1986, George Hamilton guest starred on 'Dynasty'. He played a movie director called Joel Abrigore. It was reported at the time George had "an option to perform in additional episodes of 'Dynasty II: The Colbys' at $30,000 per show. He wears clothing from his personal wardrobe." George told the press, "I feel most comfortable in my own clothes and I felt that Joel, being the rascal he is, would dress the same way." 

One weekend in March 1985, the Alexis and Krystle 'Dynasty' dolls sculpted by Joyce Christopher went on display for the first time at the Springtime Festival of Dolls and Miniatures at the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The dolls were wearing clothes designed by Nolan Miller, genuine furs, gold and diamond jewelry. Those dolls would cost $10,000 each. However there were other versions of the Alexis and Krystle dolls which went on sale for $700 each. There was an admission fee of $3 for visitors, however it was free for children under 12. It was mentioned parking at the auditorium was also free.

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