On 'The Colbys', Tracy Scoggins played Charlton Heston's on-screen daughter, an attorney named Monica. "I think I probably auditioned along with every woman in L.A. and New York between the ages of 25 and 30," she told the Associated Press at the time. Tracy also confessed to 'United Press International', "I campaigned for the part, leaving nothing to chance. The producers didn't like my hair coloring so I changed it. I even changed my agent to one who was well-connected with the producers."  

Born in Texas, Tracy left the Lone Star state after college to work as a model starting in 1977 with John Casablancas' Elite agency, then the next 2 years in New York, Italy, Germany and France to pay for acting classes. "I enjoyed (modeling)," Tracy had said. "When I was modeling in New York it was before the huge fitness craze hit. Now (in 1994) everyone looks good. When I was modeling they were just really skinny. When they did swimsuit catalogs I would spend the winters in the Caribbean. What's not to like? I got to do the commercials for all the Club Meds. My job was to float on a raft and drink pina coladas. And they paid me for that!"    

Tracy was said to be one of the 6 actresses casting producers selected from the auditions to play the part of Monica Colby. She was offered the part a week after successfully doing a screen test with Maxwell Caulfield. "When I hear other people say how difficult it is (to act) I think they are trying to justify their salary," Tracy made the point. "Difficult is having to sleep with your family in a tent in Los Angeles. I put on make-up and pretend to be somebody else."

Of playing Charlton Heston's on-screen daughter, "Monica is what I think is one of the most admirable prototypes on television. She's an achiever, well-educated, at home in the world of business, competent, a loving daughter and a nurturing friend. Usually, when someone's as successful as Monica, she's portrayed as bitchy. It's a fine line in real life to be that successful and retain your femininity. Monica's fatal character flaw is her poor choice in men. We see that in women of the '80s. They may be fantastic in the boardroom, but they can't seem to get it together in the bedroom." 

Tracy also told 'Tribune Service', "Though she's unflappable, everybody has a weakness, and Monica’s is in choosing some very unlikely companions. She’s not lucky in love. It's been my own experience, and that of many attractive and successful friends of mine, that we're not real good at it, either. I think it's an accurate reflection of what goes on with that kind of woman, one with so much drive." Tracy mentioned to 'Newsday Kids' staff in 1994 she was married "once. It was not one of the longer marriages, only 2 years. He was a very nice man, but we had different goals in life."

As Monica Colby, "She's a real go-getter who’s out to prove herself in a man's world. Most of her conflict comes out of confrontations with her father Jason because she's living out the dreams he had for (her twin) Miles. He'd love to see Miles finish Harvard Law School, as Monica did, and be so eager to go to the office each day. Unfortunately, Miles would rather play polo and chase girls. He's proud of what she's achieved but there's just enough chauvinism in him to make him wish she were married, having babies and volunteering for charities."

In real life, Tracy told fans, "I was raised with the same values he (her father) would have given a son. Independence is the first word that comes to mind. He'd say, 'Don't ever rely on anybody but yourself, then you'll never be disappointed. Make your own way in the world. We were always outside playing some sport and if I fell down and cut my knee he'd say, 'Get up, you little sissy'. So there was never a time when I grew up crying or doing girly things." 

Back in 1986, Tracy's typical meal plan was said to be: "Breakfast: decaffeinated iced tea and a peanut butter and low-sugar jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread. Lunch: cheeseburger with lean beef and low-fat cheese. Dinner: spaghetti with lots of tomato sauce."

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