Catherine Oxenberg's mother Princess Elizabeth of Yugoslavia was the second cousin of Prince Charles. "I love the fact that my background is so incongruous, that my mother is, does, come from Royalty and that I was brought up on the periphery of that milieu, never feeling the direct responsibility of what it meant to be Royal and yet, really be able to observe at proximity the stress of that lifestyle," Catherine made the comment. "And it never has any glamor for me because I knew the behind the scenes.

"I would imagine it's the same way for a child who grows up in Hollywood. You know, the son or the daughter of a great star. They would know everything that went along with that and it wouldn’t have much magic. It's ironic because people always presented me as 'the princess' and I completely grew up on my own. I supported myself since I was 17 years old. I'm tremendously self-motivated and have never ever felt that I fell into that spoilt little rich girl persona because I really haven't associated with it." 

In the Australian made program, 'The Extraordinary' which originally went on air in Australia between 1993 and 1997, Catherine recounted 3 extraordinary experiences happened in her life. One experience, "I had like a visitation with what I called an aberration. That was a very dark energy that I called as a child, 'men in black' and I didn’t know what it was, except subsequently, a lot of friends had collaborated my report, you know, collaborated that they had seen what they called 'the men in black' .

"And all I know is that this figure stood like half way across the room and woke me up and I felt my throat gripped like I was going to suffocate and I couldn't breathe and I knew I was in the presence of something incredibly evil. And all, I was 10 or 11 years old, all I could do to muster all the energy to crawl on all 4 up 2 flights of stairs, passed it to get to my mother room to say that I thought I seen a ghost.

"Interestingly enough, the father of my child told me when I met him that he has seen as an adult, he has a visitation of what he called 'the men in black' - 3 of them who had appeared at his house in Malibu at the end of his bed. And he felt his knees buckled and like he lost all the strength in his body, like he couldn't move. So I don't know, very eerie. But who knows whether that is a form of extraterrestrial or a form of the darkness or, you know who knows? I feel like I'm lucky I'm alive. That's how frightened I was. I feel like this energy is so powerful it could suck the life out of me."

In the segment, Catherine also made known, "I learnt a lot from my dreams. I get a lot of science from my dreams. And I used to have, there was one recurring dream that I had, and I knew my life would change drastically when I had that dream. And it was a dream where the whole sky was filled with shooting stars and everyone attention was diverted from mundane activity to the celestial happening.

"I started having that dream about 4 years ago (say 1990). And when I was in Mexico in December, I was outside on a balcony with a man and he said, because I was looking for an answer in my life at that moment, and he looked at me and he said, 'I’m going to ask for a sign. I’m going to ask for 3 shooting stars.' And I looked at him and said he's even worse than I am. I can't believe this person would say that sort of ridiculous things that I'd say and everyone go, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah!'

"And boom, 3 shooting stars! And he said he had his answer which is the answer to whatever problem I was dealing with at the moment and then the whole sky filled with shooting stars. And all night there was an incredible, like phenomenal of a meteor shower. I just slept outside and watched. It was like exact, like my dream. My life did start to change."

There was another extraordinary experience Catherine mentioned to host Warwick Moss as well. "I was sitting on a beach and I was having the most extraordinary transcendental experience on this beach. I just felt totally at peace, like in pure meditated state. Just completely at one with the universe. Just like I wanted nothing. I was completely content. A rare moment! And I opened up the book where I left off and the book started at the chapter that said the character traveled all the way across the world and he ended up on a beach in a little fishing village called Kaszkiet Portugal and I was sitting on that beach. And he started to describe the exact experience that I was having in that moment."

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