In one scene on the TV series 'Dynasty', Blake reassured Krystle, "It's going to be all right because we're going to make it all right." Blake then handed his daughter-in-law, Sammy Jo a check for $100,000. "I think you find this amount more than you have in mind," Blake told Sammy Jo. However before Sammy Jo could grab hold of the check, Blake stopped her, "Just a minute. I'd like you to understand the conditions of this - this deal." 

Sammy Jo: What conditions? 

Blake: Well, what you're offering to do with Danny (Blake's grandson) – offering to sell him. Selling a child is a violation of the law. It's a felony. And even if it wasn't illegal, Krystle and I would find it morally repulsive to buy a baby, we would never do it. So that money is yours and so is your baby. 

Sammy Jo: Mr Carrington I don't understand one word you're saying to me. And I ask you something, what conditions? 

Blake: Go to New York or wherever but take your son and forget about being a model for a few years. Just be a mother to Danny. 

Sammy Jo: Because he's Steven's son. That's what this really about isn’t it? … A biological mistake. Steven is dead and I’m alive and nothing and no one is going to stop me from doing what I want to do. I have one life and one body and I want to use it for me. 

Blake: All right. Krystle and I will take care of your child but we will not buy him from you and I guarantee you we will not let anyone else buy him from you either. So what's your decision? 

Sammy Jo: (After some considerations) OK, I’ll leave the baby with you - until I make it big and come back for him. And I’ll get by without your money. I don't need it. 

Blake: I think you will. You are my son's widow. I'm going to arrange a monthly support for you. 

Sammy Jo: I guess it wouldn't look so great in every newspaper in the country if somebody name Carrington go on welfare, would it? 

In playing the part of Krystle Carrington on 'Dynasty', Linda Evans told 'TV Guide' in 1986, "She represents the woman I was 10 or 15 years ago (back in the 1970s). She's a woman whose whole life was centered around a man, a woman who lived to love and be loved, a woman who wanted a child more than anything. Like me, she was forced to get stronger, grow up, speak for herself and find out who she was. These are all things I've done. And there are so many women in America who are going through that same agony. They find themselves having to make adjustments in a world they weren't geared for. When you're young, you just go right along. When you're older, you think, 'They've switched the rules on me.'" 

On reflection, "It's strange, but having a career - which I always thought would take me away from happiness - is bringing me closer to it than I've ever been. It's made me the woman I need to be to have the man that I need." Growing up in North Hollywood, Linda's family had to live on Social Security after the death of her father. Linda worked as an usherette at the Paramount Theater while going to Hollywood High School. She won her first speaking part at 15, "It was really nice to be discovered because I made money. I made so much they cut our Social Security back." 

Speaking to 'The Saturday Evening Post' in November 1982, Linda made the point, "There are times in your life when something happens to you, you can't understand. You live the golden rule, you feel you are a good person, and something terribly painful happens. It forces you to turn inward. I am sure it was my faith that sustained me when my first marriage (to John Derek) broke up (divorced in 1975). Something like that forces you to turn inward, like a serious illness. 

"Faith gives you the strength to deal with the important things in life. Lots of people like to blame God for the bad things that happen to them. I have never felt that way, and that is now how I perceive things. That is when you have to have faith. The break up of my marriage (in 1973) sent me in all kinds of good areas. I still have a friendship with John Derek, and I have a life that is quite extraordinary and which I might never have had if the marriage had lasted. In retrospect, the end of my marriage was the perfect time."

Linda was said became fascinated by numerology after she saw a book on numerology in a Hollywood book store. "I have been doing it for 11 years (since 1971)," she said in 1982. "I have done thousands and thousands of readings for people. It is just startling how much you can tell someone about themselves with numerology… It's wonderful for helping people to help themselves." 

"The journey inward for me was one of the most frightening prospects in the world," Linda told 'McCalls' magazine in 1985, "because I wasn't so confident that I was going to be pleased with what I'd find. But before I could better understand myself and my needs, I had to take the time to investigate  who I was." Linda observed, "In my book ('Linda Evans: Beauty & Exercise Book') I say I don't like green and I don't wear green. Sure enough, right after the book was published I found 4 or 5 great green outfits. I'm embarrassed to wear them in public because it looks as if I've lied!" Linda's point: "I didn't even have my mind open to it." 

Linda learnt, "I've learned that it's much more exciting when things don't match but still work with each other … Krystle could have been a politician's wife. She dresses very carefully … Part of my excitement in doing the show was that I had been through so much of what Krystle was going through. I knew I could show that to women because I had been there, but I don't know if it's necessary to take women where I am now. I've learned to understand that you just can't rush everything in your life. I am sometimes impatient with her character - but that's unfair. If you want to be a beautiful flower, first you have to be seed in the ground, then you have to be a stem and then you have to sprout leaves."

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