"How could anybody accurately foresee the future?" Jess Stearn wrote in 1965. "Long before I was established as a book writer, Marie Welt scanned my palm and said: 'A publisher will call you in two days and ask you to write a book.' She held up two fingers for emphasis. 'Not three days or a week – but two days, mark that well.' Two days later, the telephone rang in my newspaper office, and Thomas Payne, a publishing house executive, introduced himself and his project, 'You don't know what I'm calling about,' he began. 'Oh, yes, I do,' I cut in indelicately, 'you want me to write a book.'"

Norman P. Kennedy of the International Astrological Association made known in 1973, "Nature's cosmos imprints each of us at the time of birth – when the umbilical cord is cut. We then become ourselves. The movement of the large solar bodies then times potentials for events in our lives. Astrology does not cause events but is timing of events. But, it's not fortune telling. It's a prediction of potentials which free will can override. Astrology deals with the relationship of our lives with the sun, moon and planets.

"A horoscope has meant the difference between success and disaster for famous people throughout history. Did you know that the three wise men who found the Christ Child were astrologers? The 'large star' which guided them to the Christ Child was really a cluster of cosmic bodies which were, as predicted by astrological charts, in line at that particular time. This was the reason it was so bright. The alignment of bodies allowed the wise men to know the time and place of the birth of Christ. Also, Christ chose his 12 apostles according to the 12 astrological signs.

"Did you know that astrology helped the allies win World War II? The allies employed astrologers. The axis powers started out employing astrologers. But, this was ceased early when the famous astrologer, Karl Ernst Krafft, predicted the exact time and place of an attempt on Hitler’s life in 1939. Hitler thought the astrologers were conspiring against him, so they were imprisoned. This proved to be a tragic decision for Hitler. A decision that may have altered the course of the war.

"Because, if Hitler had studied his horoscope, he would have used different strategy. Why? Because two horoscopes, one of Adolf Hitler, drawn by two different astrologers, in two different countries, at two different times exactly predicted the course of World War II. Hitler did get to see these horoscopes - too late. He read them in the last hours of the war as Berlin burned around him. Hitler committed suicide in April 1945.

"The following is an authentic account of the incident. Here is a direct quote from 'The Rise And Fall of the Third Reich' by William L. Shirer: 'They sent for two horoscopes, which were kept in the files of one of Himmler’s multitudinous 'research' offices. One was the horoscope of the Fuehrer drawn up on January 30, 1933, the day he took office; the other was the horoscope of the Weimer Republic, composed by some unknown astrologer on November 9, 1918, the day of the Republic's birth.

"Goebbles communicated the results of the re-examination of these two remarkable documents to Krosigh. An amazing fact has become evident, both horoscopes predicted the outbreak of the war in 1939, the victories until 1941, and the subsequent series of reversals, with the hardest blows during the first half of April. In the second half of April, we were to experience a temporary success.

"Then there would be stagnation until August and peace that same month. For the following three years, Germany would have a hard time, but starting in 1948, she would rise again.' On the other hand, astrologers aided the allies in forecasting the axises moves. The most famous astrologer, Louis de Wohl, employed by British government, predicted the exact events leading to the downfall of Mussollini. He gained the faith of the American military when he predicted Pearl Harbor a year before it happened."

After years of research, the Nobel-prize-winning scientist, Alexis Carrel acknowledged it was possible that some people somehow knew what laid in the future. Jess Stearn made the observation, "Unlike calculated analytical forecasts, psychic predictions come like a bolt out of the blue and the psychic, consciously, has little or no familiarity with her subject. The precision of some forecasts challenges all laws of probability and coincidence.

"Psychic flashes, like hunches, are usually spontaneous. Of all psychics, the fortune teller is least pretentious about her art. She is different from other psychics chiefly because she must produce under pressure for a fee. She rarely concerns herself with global matters, but may appear to catch glimpses of life itself, often strange and forbidding, sometimes hopeful and bright. Fortune tellers and other psychics have their off-hours and off-days, and quite often, like artists and writers, can dredge little or nothing from their subconscious, the source of their clairvoyance.

"But when they are right, it is often with a precision and positiveness that seems to brook no argument. A flash of true insight may come at any time, or not at all, with the most celebrated psychics claiming at best to be correct some 85% of the time. And though many people appear to have an intuitive sense, only a relatively few can predict accurately with any regularity.

"How it comes, they do not know themselves. The greatest of the American mystics Edgar Cayce who used 'to go asleep' and diagnose ailments of people he had never seen and prescribe cures that worked. In view of his psychic record, there are people who accept anything Cayce ever said. Some of his other predictions made in trance during the late '20s and early '30s, have already materialized, such as race riots in the late '50s and '60s; the death in office of two Presidents (Roosevelt and Kennedy), and the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler. Cayce died in 1945.

"In 1941, a New York Textile mogul, asked about conditions in that city. He was told that there would be mounting tensions in the next generation, disturbing to the general peace of mind, and then the island of Manhattan will eventually disappear – roughly about 1998. He then asked about California, and Cayce replied that San Francisco and Los Angeles would be hit even before New York. Also the greater portion of Japan will wash into the sea. The upper part of Europe will be transformed in the twinkling of an eye.

"New land will rise off the Atlantic coast, where Atlantis once supposedly stood, and in the Pacific, where the legendary continent of Lemuria once flourished. And the waters of the Great Lakes now (in 1965) emptying into the St. Lawrence and the North Atlantic will empty instead into the Gulf of Mexico. Nostradamus predicted dire destruction in the year 1999, from an apparent interplanetary war. Dutch psychic machine, Peter Hurkos, has forecast disastrous West coast earthquakes to shivering California audiences; the assassination of Cuba's Castrol, and war with China, with the U.S. and Russia surprisingly teamed up. Helen Marvel predicted the U.S. winning that war without recourse to nuclear weapons.

"Two weeks before V-J day, though he had no conscious inkling of the A-bomb, Arthur Ford forecast a sudden end to the war in Japan. On April 23, visiting a Park Avenue television producer, Sybil Leek, the English clairvoyant, said, 'Something earthy-shaking will occur on October 16, the sound of which will go around the world and ultimately affect the American political scene.' She later elaborated that the prediction pertained to China. On October 16 (1964), Red China touched off its first nuclear bomb.

"In trance, two months before the (1964) presidential election, Arthur Ford was asked how the voting would turn out. Using a tape-recorder to document his prediction, he announced, 'Goldwater will get 52 electoral votes.' No computer could have done better; it was a direct hit. David Williams first studied astrology after noting the regularity of economic cycles, which many thought were tied in with the planets' effects on man. On August 4 1960, shortly after Kennedy's nomination, Williams’s colleagues prodded him into predicting the outcome of the election. Williams, having already charted Kennedy's natal chart, now wrote: 'Kennedy will be elected and will die in office, and will be succeeded by Johnson.' In good-natured disbelief, the prediction was witnessed by 6 Consolidated Edison executives, who signed their names to it. They are still unbelievers, though shaky."

The 'Miami Herald' noted in January 1974 "Clifford McMillen is also listed as the official astrologer to Senator George McGovern, and predicted in February 1972, that he would lose in November to President Nixon. At the same time, he forecast the victory of his Democratic nomination at Miami Beach. As he explained to his afternoon museum class, 'The planet Saturn came into conflict with a planet of McGovern’s career area, setting up a T-square, which means considerable difficulties to overcome. In October (1972), Nixon, a Capricorn, will be benefiting from the good planet Jupiter, while McGovern, a Cancer, will have the trouble, giving planet Saturn in conflict with his career area, from the 12th House, building up unknown enemies. Really, in the coming race, he might as well stay home.'"

Eloise Page, it was reported, "tunes in, like so many other psychics, to a sort of Universal Consciousness or Omniscient Mind – another way, perhaps, of saying the Almighty. As a rule, she doesn’t concentrate on world affairs, however, she does foresee a number of interesting worldwide developments (back in 1965), namely: A full-scale religious revival in Communist Russia in the near future, with Russia eventually joining with the U.S. to beat back the Chinese. In 1968, a Republican resurgence on the national political scene, with Lyndon Johnson not running for re-election. Telepathically, she has even more remarkable tidings. Aware clairvoyantly of life on other planets, she reports this life far more advanced than ours, and says that in time it will make itself generally known. She adds that we have nothing to fear."

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