1987 marked the 200th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution, which was the writing of the framework of American democracy. 1987 also marked the 70th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 which saw the overthrown of the last Emperor of Russia, Czar Nicholas II (also known as Nikolai Aleksandrovich Romanov) and the emergent of the Bolshevik Party. On television the popular larger-than-life soap opera, 'Dynasty' found 20% of its audience were tuning out. 

One week in March 1987, 'Dynasty' attracted only 21% share of the audience compared to 52% for 'The Cosby Show'. To lure back its old viewers, Aaron Spelling made a sudden pitch, "We've never released plotlines before but we think this is important. There had been a lot of rumors." Back in 1984, when Linda Evans was asked about the resolution to the 1983-84 season cliffhanger, she told the press, "There is no rule against revealing the plot. We are on the honor system. We don’t have to sign anything or swear on anything but because we all enjoy doing the show, it would be self-defeating if the plot would leak out. My sister is a big fan of the show. She would kill me if I told her one thing that was going on this coming season (1984-85)." 

Cassie Yates was hired to play Sarah Curtis in the second quarter of the 1986-87 season. Esther Shapiro explained, "The focus of the show is really dealing with the family. The characters will be involved in more family stories. They will be more realistic and less fanciful. With as many serials as there are, there has to be a certain amount of repetition. The serial form has to change and move into other directions. 

"You may see more issue-oriented shows (or episodes) on 'Dynasty'. We want to keep experimenting until we find the things that will keep the interest of the audience. I think the beginning of it (falling in the ratings) was when we launched 'The Colbys'. I think, too, as the Reagan years slipped away there was less interest in pomp and glitz." Aaron Spelling remembered, "Esther and I cried when we saw the time slot they gave us (for 'The Colbys') but we're very appreciative that they kept us on for a second year (1986-87)." 

In February 1987, the $40 million mini-series 'Amerika' went on air, averaging 18.9% in the ratings over 7 nights. Born in Moscow, former child actress Anya von Bremzen immigrated to the U.S. in 1974. In 1991, 'Please To The Table' which contained 400 recipes from Moldavian Potato Salad to Russian Pancakes, food from the Baltics to Central Asia hit the bookstores.

Anya von Bremzen told Mary Delach Leonard, "Americans are not familiar with Russian history and culture. They think of it as just Russian, but Russia is just one of the 15 republics. It's so diverse. It's like dealing with the entire cuisine of Europe, along with foods that are very Asian. Food is really important in the way that it represents a culture, and it tells of lifestyles."

The 15 republics after the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 were Armenia, Azerbaijan, Byelorussia, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldavia, Russia, Tadzhikistan, Turkmenia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Also in 1991, 'Dynasty: The Reunion' went on air which told a story of "criminal conspiracy to buy up America" in which the American businessman had become an "endangered species" because "we are throwing ourselves into unholy alliances with foreign companies but partners who have agendas all their own."

'Dynasty' was described as "female-oriented" because it appealed to the working woman. "Everyone on the set thinks I'm real religious," Nolan Miller made known. "I do a lot of praying on the set. I always thought I was born at the wrong time. I wanted to be a costume designer in the '30s and '40s. 'Dynasty' fulfills that fantasy for me. Its philosophy is you can never have too many jewels or furs." Nolan Miller signed an exclusive contract with Aaron Spelling Productions to design at least 12 to 15 costumes per episode of 'Dynasty'.

At one time, he had a clothing budget of $25,000 per episode. About 35% of the clothes were bought. Nolan told the press in 1983, "I design 65% of the clothes. Most of them are for Linda Evans, Joan Collins and Pamela Sue Martin. Four or 5 days before the shooting, I read the script and it's easy to visualize. But you can see my time is short to design 15 to 20 changes a week (or per episode). I am much more concerned with style and how it looks rather than trends. Next year they (the audience) will say, 'Oh, I saw that last year!' We buy all the clothes for Kirby (played by Kathleen Beller). I've had some negative comments about that. People say she's not very well-dressed. Maybe now that she's married to Jeff, we'll start dressing her like money.

"We had an original concept for the 3 starring women. Alexis was overdressed, overjeweled with too many hats and too many sables. Fallon was the spoiled little rich kid who always wore the very latest avant-garde fashions. And Krystle was quiet with simple tastes and classic styles. She likes soft and subtle clothes. Shopping for Linda usually stops at pants, blouses and sweaters. Linda is 5 feet and 8 inches. We just can't find a nightgown long enough for her. They make them to hit the ankle. That looks terrible on television. She needs something flowing, especially for library scenes. But she can wear just about any style, except full skits.

"I made the hat Alexis wore into court from the brim of a hat Stefanie Powers wore on 'Hart To Hart'. Everyone said Frank Olive made it. He got 400 orders for it. I design all the hats on the show. The reason I used that brim is because (the producers) hadn't decided who was going to play Alexis. They were courting the idea of Sophia Loren. We used an extra for the episode where she walks into the courtroom. We used the hat and a veil so no one could see her face."

Inspired by Giorgio Armani, Nolan Miller also designed some 25 suits in pinstripes, solids and blazers at the start of each season for the male characters on 'Dynasty' (Blake, Steven, Jeff and Adam). "They have about 3 to 5 dozen shirts and 25 suits. We can use the dark suits and tuxedos from season to season." It was understood most of the clothes for Aaron Spelling's other productions such as 'The Love Boat' and 'Matt Houston' were bought right off the racks at Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman-Marcus. Casual outfits for the 'Dynasty' men were bought from Abercrombie and Fitch.

"I design for style," Nolan told reporters attending the Men's Fashion Association Press Week in September 1985. "Think of the women you admire for the way they dress. What sets them apart from everyone else? More than likely, it is the ability to adopt the latest fashions to suit their own distinct perception of fashion. Linda Evans, for example, has a style recognized around the world. She looks good in everything.

"But until she was exposed to a vast 'Dynasty' wardrobe, she was never terribly clothes-conscious. Actually, she was most comfortable in casual pants and shirts. Linda has a triangular shape – she's 5-foot-8 and is a (size) 12 on top and a 6 on the bottom. She has a sharp-line look – very studied. But as Krystle, Linda is more subdued, low keyed. She has a softer look than the villainous Alexis Carrington Colby. Of course, no one could ignore the strong and dramatic style of Joan Collins.

"She has an incredible sense of style and knows how to wear clothes. She is a perfect size 8 and a breeze to fit. She conveys an image of confidence through brilliant colors and flamboyant accessories. Even a plain suit becomes a 'Joan Collins' trademark when it'd done in bright red with black leather pumps, a black mink fur hat and stole, and ruby earrings.

"After we are finished with them, the clothes are cleaned and go 'up high' (storing). Eventually they're used on other shows (such as 'Hotel'). But many times Joan or another actress will take something out, a hat perhaps, and say, 'I'm taking this home, it's at my house if you need it.'" Linda Evans added, "It's truly incredible to be spoiled like this – especially for a woman who has worn jeans all of her life. They let us keep anything we wear on the show and then exchange it later. When the show first began, they kind of left it up to us how we wanted to dress. So we found our own style and stayed with it. Then Nolan Miller began designing specifically for us and our characters."

In November 1984, the 'Dynasty' label including fragrances, women's and men's wears and accessories could be bought at Bloomingdales and Bergdorf Goodman or Macy's and Orbach’s with the price of a dress off the rack ranged from $400 to $1200. Nolan pointed out, "'Dynasty' is everybody's fantasy of how it could be to be that rich. In Beverly Hills there are a lot of people who have that kind of a lifestyle. 'Dynasty' has almost single-handedly put classic elegance back into the vocabulary of American men and women. Style has nothing to do with designer labels or current fads. It is that quality which sets a woman apart, regardless of her age or means, and anyone can develop it."

Linda Evans told the 'Los Angeles Times', "This is a woman's fantasy, it's incredible. As a woman who wore blue jeans most of her life, I feel very spoiled and Aaron let us take the clothes we want. This year (back in 1984) in Rome I found I could no longer be a tourist. None of us can travel anymore. People fantasize about fame, but it does have its downside. You do get ringside seats and I got to meet the Pope. He didn't know who I was. He's probably the only man in a TV-watching world who doesn't." 

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