In the episode, 'Mind Maidens' of the TV animation, 'Super-Friends', first went on air in 1977, viewers were introduced to Medula, described as the most brilliant and most dangerous woman on earth. It was understood the medulla was "easily the most important part of the brain. Its functions are involuntary, or done without thought." Based in a mountain lair protected by a mental force field, Medula used the power of her computerized will booster, which only worked with female brainwave, to beam her will to women all over the world in order to control the mind of every woman on earth. In doing so, women would enable Medula to rule the world unopposed. 

Women possessed by Medula's will control had strange glowing eyes that allowed them to beam the men, from presidents, kings, prime ministers to factory workers into microdots which would then be stored in a computer tape. Medula's mission was world power. Women from all over the world were commanded to take over all armies, governments and ruling bodies to allow Medula to take over world power and rule supreme. 

For the sake of mankind, the Super-Friends were able to stop Medula and free all the women. In the end, Wonder Woman said, "Medula's method of controlling women and putting them in power was wrong. Only gradually, a step at the time, that social custom be changed, no matter what they may be." Superman added, "Perhaps now she realizes her method of controlling women for her own personal power was wrong." 

In 1978, Wally Minto conducted a 4-hour per day for 6 days of Alpha (or beginning) Awareness training to teach anyone of any age to expand their awareness into the subconscious mind and tap the information that would allow them to learn to control their mind, their body, their life and their environment through enlightenment. The 10 years of lecturing and studying positive thinking, cybernetics, motivation, goal-structuring, awareness, meditation and extrasensory awareness evolved into the Alpha Awareness training. 

Speaking to the Park City, Utah newspaper, Wally Minto maintained, "Alpha Awareness training is in no way designed to give you any more knowledge, but rather to help you understand and gain enlightenment from the knowledge you already have. If you are wondering what enlightenment really is, enlightenment is the ah-hahs you experience in life. When you are doing something and suddenly you say, 'Ah-hah, now I understand,'; that's enlightenment." 

According to theory, the mind could be divided into three equal parts of a yardstick. 'The Newspaper' understood, "The first 12 inches could be thought of as the area representing our waking state, or conscious mind, the second foot our unconscious mind." Alpha Awareness training was aimed at exercising greater control over the processes that took place in the subconscious mind such as creativity, habits, emotions and the autonomic nervous system, which governed such things as heartbeat, respiration, blood pressure and skin temperature. 

An instructor of Silva Mind Control which centered on using the subconscious mind consciously, George Valva told reporter Karen Herman in 1975, "All illness is rooted in the subconscious mind and it has to go through the rational mind to get to the subconscious mind. A person won't be able to help themselves because they can't reach their subconscious mind. Through working cases we're flowing healing suggestions into their mind.

"Each person is capable of functioning at Alpha level and the capability is unlimited. We, however, spend most of our time at an outer consciousness, caught up with sight, sounds, smell, touch, taste, time and space … Mind control really works for people who can change habits, which are really only symptoms of underlying causes." At the time, the question in scienfitic circles was, "If the mind causes physical illness, then why can't the mind reverse the situation?"

Another instructor Richard C. Lovete made the point, "The unconscious mind works like a computer. It has no way to sort out truth from untruth." Jose Silva believed healing was one of the things the subconscious could do, even of cancer. When the mind operated at beta level, "You're interfering with your healing processes. When you go to the alpha, you're in a neutral dimension – the body corrects problems, the body heals itself. Nine out of 10 problems are psychosomatic."

Jose Silva founded Silva Mind Control when "I came across the discovery of brain wave frequencies."  Reporter Deborah Stearns Sullivan learnt he was particularly interested in Alpha. Five to 10% of all people, for unknown reason, were able naturally to "go to Alpha level" to relax, solve problems, do deeper thinking. "They're considered to be successful, highly intuitive, leaders, writers, inventors, with tremendous perceptive abilities. How they get to that brain level nobody knows. In the rest of us, that ability atrophies, we use Beta to think and act."

Jose Silva also told Associated Press, "When I first got interested in this, I thought of teaching children to use the Alpha brainwave level to enhance their IQ. However, a phenomenon started appearing. After so many hours of training in these mental exercises, the children started answering the questions before we had asked them, as though they were reading our minds. Then we started setting up research projects to see if we could enhance that faculty, rather than just the IQ."

Howard Tooke taught mind control classes told reporter Charles B. Kelly in 1973, until a person reached the age of 14, that child would experience Alpha or lower levels of brainwave, meaning a child's mind could be easily impressed. However too often, fears, guilty feelings and misconceptions were programmed which continue to influence the adult mind even though it was locked on to the Beta or "rational" level. 'The Arizona Republic' understood, "So sensitive is the mental computer, even at the adult stage, the Mind Control advocates avoid using negative terms, even casually."

Jose Silva continued, "We set up problem cases, maybe in family relations or in a business matter. I would know the problem but I would give the child only a hint, maybe one or two pointers. Well, the child would fill in the entire problem, sometimes with just one fact to go on. That's how we got started and we call that subjective communications. It seems that the physical senses operate at the Beta level of mind – the normal conscious state – but at the deeper Alpha level we have another set of senses and they have another set of senses and they have their own way of communicating. We can call it psychic or ESP, or thought transference or whatever, but it's another set of sense. And it seems that at the Alpha level we are all connected."

Wally Minto noted, "In Alpha Awareness training we are not interested in altering the state of consciousness into the subconscious mind, but rather in a process of gradually expanding awareness into the subconscious area of the mind. Through repeated mental training exercises you learn to expand your awareness into the 13th inch of our yardstick, then into the 14th, 15th, and so on … You may have awareness from the first inch up to the 20th inch at any moment you desire."

Wally Minto described the subconscious as the inner-conscious since sub meant below or without. By using two words and a phrase, an individual could trigger his or her mind to enter the inner-conscious mind with awareness since the human brain cells were impressed with thousands of triggering mechanisms. As 'The Newspaper' learnt, "They are virtually anything that causes an action or reaction without conscious effort. A typical example of a triggering mechanism is the automatic application of foot to brake when you see red lights flash on the car in front of you."

Wally Minto maintained, "Our triggering mechanism, 'Relax, I Am, Within,' is only for the learning part of Alpha Awareness. Once you have learned to function with control in the inner-conscious level of mind, we will then take this triggering mechanism away. Once you have learned to function with inner-conscious awareness, then all you need to trigger it is the desire or the need."

Wally Minto compared the brain to soil, pointing out that the earth did not care what someone planted in it and would yield good seed as abundantly as weed. The brain, then, would yield negative thoughts as abundantly as positive. "You can plant the idea of success or failure, happiness or depression, poverty or abundance, perfect health chemistry that will allow the body chemistry to produce a healthful balance.

"That chemistry then also can procure a natural balance in your mind that will effect your environment and life. I am not a guru or a miracle worker. Alpha Awareness training might be thought of as a vehicle. It is my job to describe the vehicle to you, show you how to operate it, and give  you a road map with several different directions in which you may drive the vehicle. What I am saying is that I can give you the vehicle, but I will not be your chauffeur." 

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